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Curriculum Vitae

My story


Nordic Technical Institute

Here I developed my basic knowledge in Computer Science and webdevelopment.

Anti-Aircraft Regiment 6, Swedish Armed Forces

Served as a technical soldier where I was responsible for establishing, configuring and troubleshooting the army’s communication system. Out of 542 soldiers we were only six, who got the grade YES-9-9 (no one got higher). Awarded diploma for best technical soldier and for exhibited a speed that nobody prior had exceeded.

Work experience

Nordic Battle Group, Swedish Armed Forces

After the military obligation, I was recruited to the EU Rapid Response Force, which in 10 days can be deployed wherever in the world there is chaos, conflict or natural disasters. Here I both deepened and expanded my knowledge base. I also had the privliage of educating both soldiers and officers.

Bravida A / S in Denmark

Here I started as a technical handyman. After 6 months, I became a project leader for a GPS project. The GPS project was about to create a digital map where all installations and connections along the train tracks in Copenhagen (400km) would be GPS marked. The project was completed within the specified time with only half of the hours that was budgeted.

Nordic Battle Group, Swedish Armed Forces

Trained to be a rader operator for Intelligence unit 23, one of the world’s most modern mobile ground-based central radar stations. Also deepend my knowledge about vehicles, engines and driving skills. Also received driver’s license for Bandvagn 309 (8 tons)

Information System Operation Assistant, Swedish Armed Forces

The service involved training in: Linux, antivirus, firewalls, routers, hardware, backup programs, computer troubleshooting, rescue files from locked computers etc.

My first business Crealab (Creative Lab)

The company started in February 2011 with the approval of the Swedish Armed Forces. Here I worked as a one-man consultant helping small businesses with web development, digital marketing and overall technical support.

CEO at Moretrade AB

Here I started from zero and built two e-commerce shops that after 8 months had a monthly revenue of 80% of the initial investment with a profit margin of 25%!

What I love 2 do! (Caiocesar.se)

The Internet belongs to all of us so helping everyone connect to the 3 billions people online by providing an awesome platform, education and wealth creation books feels like an awesome way to invest my time and skills in.

Been In love with technology and helping people for 24 years